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For the small business owner, just getting started and feeling overwhelmed about their new venture.  Confused about picking the name of your company or brand? Not sure about what color to use in your logo? Should I have a website? How do I get customers? Will I succeed? All valid questions, and guess what? You are not alone. We at A Branding Shop can help and have put together a three-phase program that allows you to develop your company and brand the right way, the first time around.

Let’s brand!

The Phases
Congratulations on taking the first step to branding your business the right way. We have taken the time to suggest a few items that we feel necessary based on your current position and immediate needs.

– Select your company name
– Design your company logo
– Secure your company domain name
– Design & Print quality premium business cards
– Design a basic website landing page
– Set up social media accounts

It appears as things are looking up for you. Congrats on reaching Phase 2 of branding your business the right way. Paying attention to the details in the beginning make all the difference in the long run. Below are a few suggestions based on your current position and immediate needs.

– Design & Print company postcards
– Develop website to include more about your products & services
– Set up email database management platform – build a community
– Produce premium specialty signage
– Develop online digital marketing strategy

I guess it’s time to start sending gifts to your clients, or doing some premium swag to giveaway at events. You’re doing great.

– Premium Specialty items
– Client Gift options
– Trade Expo solutions
– Large Format Signage

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